Monday, June 1, 2009

Back From the Past and Looking to the Future

To all of my adoring fans, I sincerely apologize for the lack of posts. I know you were unsure what to do with yourselves when you were not able to read the riveting anecdotes my wonderful life yields.

I am back in wonderful North Carolina readjusting to the real world. I have left the the dangerous, extremist lands of Egypt and Lebanon to return to America, the country every terrorist plots against, anyone who is not American hates, and is to blame for all of the wrongs in the world.... If you believe that, leave your TV on the current channel and navigate away from this page now.

Not every terrorist is plotting against us. We forget to realize "terrorists" are far, far away. They have caused much more "terror" and are FAR more active in their own countries. The citizens of Middle Eastern countries are the ones who must live with the constant worry of violence. The violent groups are much more concerned about having a stake in their own country and winning a little political influence through their acts. To say that these groups are constantly plotting an attack on US soil is not really practical. Let's not forget these guys have a balance sheet as well and one must keep that bottom line very lean! (Oh, and as a sidenote, I was in the Middle East when some "homegrown" terrorists attempted to attack a synagogue in NY and failed, so I am commenting late. I would like to give a shout out to the media who has completely ruined one fixture of my summer...homegrown tomatoes. I can never eat one again without totally ruining a summer staple) We have no idea of what living with the threat of violence everyday is like.

I am so glad our President made the trip to Cairo to show that both the US and Middle East have everything to win by eliminating the influence of extremists groups in the region. It REALLY bothered me when the trip was deemed as "the US bowing to Muslim extremists". Obama didn't bow or let up on those that plan on attacking innocent people (whether in the US or the Middle East). We have become so accustomed to showing up at everyone's door with our guns drawn that we have forgotten what diplomacy is like. The goal of the trip was to let the responsible citizens that truly make up the culture of that region know that our interest is in peace, and that interest must be shared. It is time we bring about that peace by way of diplomacy; not by meddling and explosive devices. When you bring in the military for combat missions you totally alter the lives of the citizens and you will lose their support. That is what has happend in the entire region. Our goals have remained the same, but we have lost the support behind the mission.

Believe me, every citizen in the Middle East, whether Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu or Scientologist HATES the "terrorists". I put it in quotes because that is what "we" have deemed them. Really they are just violent gangs. Do we call the Crips terrorists? The KKK? No, but they do invoke terror and have their own agenda. That is exactly what these groups do. They want power in their own land and every honest citizen who lives among them wants them out. To say that extremism and violence is a popular belief in the Middle East is like saying the views of the KKK are shared by the majority of the poplulation in the US.

So when you think about the terror threat here in the US, think about how from New York to Cairo there are 5618 miles that separate you. Then, think about those people in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Afghanistan that have threats on their lives everyday.

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