Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Great news

So did anyone see that a bomb was detonated in a busy, heavily touristed Cairo market? Did anyone also see my previous post about heading to Cairo in May with a Rotary group? It hasn't discouraged me nor has it impacted the morale of the team. We knew going in to this trip the issues regarding safety. I have to say that I think everyone on this team is very level headed and will do nothing that would put anyone in danger. Not to mention we will be with Cairo natives who will be aware of where to go and what to do and where not to go and what not to do.

It serves to mention that the underlying goal of this trip is to create cultural understanding. We can't alter our plans or dash the trip altogether simply for acts of a few people. Egypt deserves more than that. Even though we will be hobnobbing with educated folks and not the ones who committed the acts, I am sure our group will have the opportunity to falsify some stereotypes. I look forward to that opportunity more than anything on the trip

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