Friday, February 20, 2009

What's Next...

So my Summer continues to improve.

I was extremely fortunate to be selected for a Group Study Exchange set up by Rotary International this May. If you have read the previous posts, you know that I am headed to Egypt more 1 month to take a look at classroom and campus culture , Muslim culture, and just Egyptian culture in general. Well, my stars are still aligned; I will also spend a month in Salamanca, Spain. I'm heading across the pond to begin a Master's of Spanish.

Salamanca is known for its language institutes and its bustling Summer tourist rush. I can't say I am too thrilled about the tourist thing, but hey, I'll be one of them. The one good thing about plenty of tourist...plenty of bars!! I read that Salamanca has the second highest bar to inhabitant ratio in all of Europe. You can take a look at this picture just to have an idea.

I am really exited about attending this particular school. It was founded in 1218. Looking at the pictures of this place does not do it justice, I am sure . The oldest buildings that I have seen are churches in Mexico, constructed by the Spaniards, hundreds of years after buildings like the those at the University. The area of Salamanca and the University has played a huge role in the development of the Spanish language and the history of the country. Not that I am a big fan of his, being that he raped Latin America and destroyed what was a flourishing indigenous culture, but it is worth noting that Hernán Cortés studied there as a youth. It is going to be an awesome experience.

I really have to take a moment to thank Stanly Community College. Without the institution and the wonderful opportunities they allow me to pursue, all that is going so well for me this summer would not be possible. I will visit two continents (maybe three) this Summer alone, and I am sure that there will be plenty more opportunities. For those of you that check this blog out and are excited about the content, or culture and travel in general, take a look at the college's Multicultural Awareness Club blog. I am the coordinator of the club and we really do have some interesting things planned for the month of March.

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