Thursday, December 11, 2008

Walk like an Egyptian

Don't mind if I do!!!

I am bound for Egypt. Even though I leave on the 26th of April, I am still as excited as if it were tomorrow. I was selected from 14 other applicants from the Charlotte Metro area and beyond to be 1 of 4 that will participate in Rotary Distrct 7680's Group Study Exchange Tour. The district wanted to visit a Muslim country due to the pressing need for understanding and knowledge of the Muslim culture. We will visit all types of professional settings and meet fellow Rotarians in Cairo.

I really want to see the campus life of a university during my trip. When I studied in Mexico I noticed a big difference in classroom behavior. It was far more formal and students showed a lot more respect to their teachers than they do here. I'm not saying that my students are deliquents, but there is a noticable effort to say "usted" (the polite, formal way to address someone in Spanish) on behalf of the Mexican students. I am very curious to see what it is like in everday Egyptian campus life. I also want to see exactly what is said about America. I know what is said here in our media and among the population about the Arab world- I want to see if the same is being said about us.

My goals are to see my job being done abroad and to learn something from their methods. As always, a goal of mine is to break stereotypes. I'm not quite sure what types of people I will meet, but I hope to meet folks from many different lifestyles. Hopefully, this is the beginning of something new for me. I have always been mesmerized by Latin American culture; maybe now I will start a new cultural endeavor in North Africa and the Middle East.

Don't be surprised when you see my pictures. Be prepared for anything.

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Sonyap32 said...

ahh one thing i've noticed here is a lack of respect for americans altogether. Not that people spit on me, you just get little sniggers and comments like "oh, you're american? That's too bad". Don't be suprised if that happens to you as well! It's not like the awe and admiration we recieved in mexico, that's for sure! i really do miss that actually....hehe